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Poop Deck Shade - Finale'

I just came in and cleaned up from making the post mods suggested by our good captain as well as making 2 more of the short uprights for the middle sides (stole them from the 3DC day shade and cut them to length as we, the 3DC, hardly ever used all 8 anyway). All looks well with the new shade now but Kings hunt will be the true test. Who's in to giver her a good work out... No need to reply, I'm just say'n! This will end the posts on the topic unless it fails utterly at the hunt or someone has questions.

Our Eilidh Swann - the new Bard of Caid!

Congratulations to THL Eilidh Swann, who won the Bard of Caid competition last Saturday!

Huzzah! Yar fertar!

Poop Deck shade... Check! (Well almost)

Well, I'm a little slow on the report here but here goes anyway. Jan 1, 2008 we put up the new day shade. It went quite easily. Picks have been put up already so I'll not bother here. I need to rework the vertical poles as the hinge design I settled on will not be sufficient. The easiest fix will be a simple pin and hole set up so that's the rout I'm heading in. I like the looks of it and the size is just great. We can all easily fit under it and the long dags on the side should provide shade well toward dusk. Thanks to the Cap'n and Momma Cat for the kind words as well.

Thoughts for AS 42-43

  • Lots better/more garb
  • Sew more garb for other people, too
  • Improve the Coffee Bar / Dayshade look
  • Finish the ropes / tassels project
  • Do lots of Pentathlon work
  • Upload lots of photo albums
  • Write (and post) more persona stories

That should keep me busy. *grin*

Resolutions for the New Year

1. Get our Pentathlon team organized and start working on projects.
1a. Work on a Caid Sciences Day project.
2. Sew. I haven't in ages and I am in pretty dire need of garb. Preferably persona-appropriate, but can I help it that I lurv Tudor dresses? And Vikings? And Persian? And German? And Italian? And... You get the picture.
3. Set spinning goals and work towards them.
3a. Pay attention to what I am doing (no zoning out) and work towards even-ness throughout. 3b. Practice woolen vs worsted and with different fibers and pay attention to the differences in feel and in the end result.

Poop Deck shade... Framework - check!

Well, that wasn't so hard...

I cut to length, routerified to shape, drilled to fit and stained to match all the wood then assembled them into their 3 major components. All in one day, all by myself. Hey, I'm getting good at this shite. Well, good enough anyway.

All that needs doing now for the shade is the first set up so I can work out any kinks that may be in the design and cut the ropes to length. Oh, I need to pick up some spikes too, but I'll get those around the corner from practice on Tuesday.

Poop Deck shade... Sewing sewing sewing.

I'm just say'n... Even our poop deck shade out ranks the captain of another ship...

It's not quite done, nor it it going to be perfect, but we broke the back of it today. It should make a day shade roughly 19' x 17' (tapered 2' in towards the back to make it like the ones on the ships.) The wood part should be easy enough to do and the only sewing left is to attach straps to fix it to the frame. I fully anticipate having it up for the New Years Day practice down here in Gyldenholt (1PM) if you want to see it first hand. Sorry, bit of a proud pappa at the moment.

Poop deck shade, suplimental

I negotiated with one of my coworkers to fabricate some of the more complicated steel brackets I designed for the shade. Net price $0.00. He actually had a friend of his laser cut them from scraps around other work he was doing and is using a press break to form the bends. I should have them next week. I'll still need to fab the 6 upright brackets but they should be failry easy to do. Any one got a good source for a decent sized ship's lantern? Something about 18"-30" tall would be ideal.

My life as a bilge rat: Soup is good!

Did I ever tell you about when I found soup in the captain’s quarters? It tasted great! I almost got caught, but I ran out just as he came back in. Well, I better get going! I wonder what the captain is having tonight...

Jamie's Promotion to Deckmaster

Well…it’s been a while since aye last wrote, but Mordecai is insisting dat I start to write more now dat I been learning about Ed’s kit when we be at the Villa. Aye been learning cuz Mamma Cat said dat all of ‘er sailors must be colt ‘erred. Aye dunno how learnin’ Ed’s kit can make me a colt’s ‘erred, but Ay’m not gonna complain.

So…’ere goes. One day dis past week Aye ‘twas walking on deck when our “Special” New Powder Monkey, Marcos della Crews, ask me a question.

“Jamie,” ‘e said. “How did you get promoted to Deckmaster?”

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